Serena Westad Fitness: Opening Statement

Serena Westad began her fitness journey when she was at her first year of University. There was something about weight training and going to the gym that intrigued her. It may have been her uncultured small-town perspective that influenced her interest in a new luxury that was so common-place in the big city of Edmonton, but whatever the case, she thought it was an exciting prospect….

Little did she know that this initial, seemingly unremarkable intrigue associated with the concept of ‘working-out’ would develop into a life-long passion, and major component of her life.

Through her fitness goals Serena has learned a couple core concepts: Never, say Never. Recruit all of your strength in the face of failure, channel it to overcome this adversity, and use it to breaking the bounds of the limitations that failure attempts to bind you with. Shed the Shackles of Limitations; You will be successful without heeding to this conceptual boundary.

Upon failing there are many emotions. Control them, use them to make you stronger. Channel your frustration, despair, fury, and contempt into pure strength; use it to make yourself a force to be reckoned with, refuse to acknowledge imposed limitations, and make yourself the one they all fear.

Never, give up. Never say Never.

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